snowpocalypse 2K13…and then this happened..

imagethursday evening i sat down & composed quite the long post about storm preparedness in anticipation of friday’s blizzard. if i do say so myself, it was a lovely walk down memory lane of how cynical we as new yorkers were when we heard there was a big storm coming–we took for granted that even with three feet of snow we’d still have power, the corner deli would still have egg & cheese sandwiches, the Chinese place would still deliver, & most importantly the liquor store would still be open. ¬†we might get a day off work because HR insisted it wasn’t safe for the commuters, meanwhile we’d still jump on the subway & get downtown to a friend’s birthday dinner. & then i talked about how all that changed when we moved to the burbs–we came to find that really it only took a heavy wind, or sometimes just a hot day, for our power to go out, & we can’t get out of our driveway until the snow plows come. so i prepared for the big snow storm two ways. the realistic side of me made sure we had gas in the car, charged all the devices, & got food for the weekend (human & canine.) but the romantic side of me was really hoping for a weekend stuck inside our house watching the snow falling quietly outside. so i bought a few bottles of wine, made sure we had lots of cheese, crackers, & proscuitto, & made sure we had enough firewood for some cozy time on the couch.

turns out that’s what we would have gotten. & it would have been a great weekend. if only life didn’t have other realistic plans… instead, i got to spend friday afternoon/evening/night in the greenwich ER/operating room/ICU with appendicitis. someone said to me yesterday “congratulations! you’ve had your first surgery.” i’m not sure it’s an honor i really wanted, but as another friend said “who needs an appendix anyway.”

so no this week in the studio from me. & if you’ve ordered something, please know that i will get to work on it just as soon as i’m done sitting on the couch in my pjs & eating sorbet all day.

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