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I’ve been remiss in blogging recently. It’s just that we have this other little totally insignificant thing happening in our lives right now… We just bought a house! More to come on my new studio, but yesterday I wrapped up my last ever order from this current studio. It was a bittersweet moment. It’s been an awesome work space. We were SO lucky to have found this house to rent that had a little cottage for me to use. It got me out of the middle of our little manhattan apartment, & it got me out of the guest bedroom of our little house out by the beach. It gave me my very own space to leave as messy as I needed to in any given day (& thus not have the mess drive my husband absolutely insane!). Plus, it was nice to have a reason to go outside to walk the fifty feet a few times a day.  I’ll always have very fond memories of this house (our first in the burbs) & of this space in particular.  It’s given me the opportunity to grow the business to this point, & I’m just so excited to see how things continue in the future!  I’m also very excited about my new work space, but I thought it only appropriate to give this one its proper attention.

So.. For the last month I worked in this little yellow cottage, here’s what I was making.  From top left in as clockwise manner as i can make it:  personalized hand mirror (personalized upon special request only), airplane frame in custom colors, custom outdoor plaque for a tennis court (might add to the etsy shop at some point, right now only upon custom order), personalized fish hooks, two standing name plaques (coming to the etsy shop soon), for this child plaque, a billion anchors for a custom anchor frame, star hooks, extra large letter hooks (coming soon!), a new sports kids picture frame, a new striped kids picture frame, that anchor frame (with lettering in a custom font–another feature i’ll be rolling out in the shop soon), & another fish hook.

And, that’s a wrap on this week/month in this studio.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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