This week in the studio… 2/2/13


Clockwise from top: personalized peg rack (shown with my newest find & shipping lifesaver–free USPS shipping tubes that come in two sizes perfect for all of my different sized peg racks!), wooden letters, beachy peg rack, a custom flower hook to coordinate with Vera Bradley’s Indigo Pop collection, custom ladybug card (will be in the shop soon!), letter hook, & personalized hanging three photo frame.

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This week in the studio…


I thought I’d start posting a picture each week (or really whenever I actually get around to it) of things I’ve been working on, doing, etc. (these posts are for all the people who ask me just what I do from my home studio all day:)

January has proven to be one of my busiest months of the year now two years running. Not busy enough that I can’t catch my breath from the absolute craziness of the holiday season, but busy enough that it starts the year off on a good note. which is good, because as any of you have have your own small business know–it’s really scary. and hard. so it’s just reaffirming when the year starts off well!

clockwise, a butterfly frame (a variation on this frame), another butterfly frame, & a flower frame (all for baby gifts.) the three small pics show my continuing organization project–finally displaying all of my invite samples (not sure who’s going to see them other than oscar & me, but hey…), an anchor frame, & a cute red/white polka dot letter that i rushed to send to a customer in Australia before the USPS international rates basically double tomorrow!

next week several peg racks & hooks… now off to enjoy what’s left of the weekend!

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Let’s play dress up

I’ve been doing some serious early spring cleaning/organization in my studio. All of the little stuff that’s been cluttering up my workspace & driving me nuts during the busy holiday season, all of the supplies I’ve been hoarding, all of the billions of little embellishments I’ve just shoved in boxes… All of it has to go (or go somewhere better than where it’s been!). & honestly, I’m not going to lie–I love organizing & being organized, so it really hasn’t been a chore.

My favorite part of this process, though, has been dressing this little lady. I worked for a fashion designer for about seven years before I started oscar & ollie, & it was an awesome experience. I’ve always loved fashion, but working in the industry really instilled a deep passion for fashion (any of you who sat around me in the office & heard me scream & throw resumes when I read that line know I’m being sarcastic here. Anyone else might just think I’m cheesy.) Regardless, even though I’ve left the industry, I will always love it. I’ve been searching for years to find a mannequin (or dress form if you will), & i finally found one this summer. Happened upon a store in east Hampton that was going out of business, & I got her for a song! She’s been sitting in my studio with nothing but a tape measure around her neck while i’ve considered whether i should dress her, but i finally figured it out while i was cleaning out some boxes. In addition to a knowledge of garment construction & manufacturing, I also acquired a rather large lot of flowers, pins, & other embellishments over the years. So how better to both clean out some boxes & dress the little lady?!?


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a few days late, but…

happy new year! my newest obsession is Bazaart. it’s an ipad app that takes your pins & lets you make collages or mood boards from them. unbelievably easy, it allows you to edit & resize, & then you can share away! i found it when playing with my new little mini toy i got for christmas, & it really is an amazing app! (no, i’m not making any money here plugging them, i just really think it’s that cool!)

here are just a few ideas of what i might do for a new year’s soiree…

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2013 New Year's Eve invitation from oscar & ollie

2013 New Year’s Eve invitation from oscar & ollie

we started this year off with lovely party hosted by some good friends.  if that party was any indication, 2013 will be a very good year.  here’s a pic of the invite i made for the party (i use any excuse possible to add an invitation to my collection!)

as for resolutions, i don’t usually make them.  i just find it sets you up for disappointment.  i mean, who actually keeps them?  there you go starting the year off with a bang (or a ball drop if you will…)–going to the gym, eating healthier, reaching out to old friends, whatever your fancy.  and then here come the cold long days of january, the february blues, & before you know it you can’t remember the last time you did that thing you’d resolved to do.  and beat yourself up over it.  but that’s just me.  this year, however, i resolve to blog!  as often as i feel like it, so i don’t feel bad about myself when it’s been days or weeks since my last post.   so, welcome to the oscar & ollie blog.  check back frequently (or as the year progresses possibly less frequently :)


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