it’s the most horrible time of the year…

imagepeople often ask me what it’s like to run my own business/work for myself.  depending on who’s asking/what kind of week i’ve had/how many orders i have backed up, i may say how great it is to work from home, wear my sweats to work, have the TV on all day, set my own hours, take vacations when i want to instead of when i’ve had them approved.  (and look, there are a whole lot of other things that really do make it awesome to work for myself.)  but i’m probably likely to then add “but…”  which leads me to talk about the things that i also dislike–doing it ALL by myself (other than jose, our incredible mailman who picks up packages from me every day, waits when i haven’t quite finished printing that last shipping label, & goes out of his way to make sure i never have to actually go to the post office again) and well, oscar, of course.  those of you who run your own businesses know the deal–you do all of the purchasing, inventory management, packing & shipping, advertising, website management, etc. etc.  and while some of those tasks aren’t my absolute favorite, they pale in comparison to the two tasks i truly abhor.  one is something i have to do almost every day–sanding.  it would be hard for me to sell wooden items without ever having to sand anything, but i sincerely wish i never had to pick up a piece of sand paper again.  the other one, though, is end of year accounting/tax prep.   like every other small business, i have a running list of what the mystical imaginary employee i can’t quite afford to hire but can’t continue to grow the business without would do.  keeping track of/organizing expenses would be the absolute first item on that list.  it’s something i should do every month–sort the receipts & categorize the expenses into Outright (which i recommend highly if you’re a small business for keeping track of expenses!)  then i could print out these nice little reports at the end of the year & put them into the lovely excel spreadsheet my CFO (aka my husband) developed a few years ago.  then it really would be sooo easy to send all the info off to the accountant.  but i hate it so very much that instead i leave it until the end of the year.  those receipts sit in file folders on my desk all year just taunting me.  until finally i have no choice in the matter, i have to do it.  which begins a several day long process of looking at hundreds of receipts, highlighting, categorizing, calculating…BLEEEECCHHHH.

so…that’s what i’ll be doing every night for the next week or so. (but don’t worry, there’s a glass of wine nearby :)

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