New studio inspiration

As I mentioned in my last post, we’re moving into a new house! Along with all of the decorating I’m doing everywhere else, I also get to create my new studio from a pretty raw space. I’ll be setting up shop in a big open room in our finished attic. Pros: separate work space, it’s big enough to have several different work stations, there’s a door to the rest of the house so it will be quiet. Cons: the ceiling is low, so I have to be super careful about what furniture I’m buying, the floor is carpeted (so that eliminates any possibility of doing to occasional sanding up there…maybe good exercise to go up & down the flights of stairs ten times a day?:), & there’s not a ton of natural light… I mean, there’s enough to work, but we’re probably going to try to get some more windows in there at some point. To compensate for now, I’m going with all white to lighten up the space–white walls, white furniture (though honestly it’s always been my dream to have an all white studio. I just love the clean, bright look of it.) Oh, & did I mention that I’m also doing this project on a VERY small budget? This is when my bargain hunting becomes a serious gift. I know exactly what I want, & I’m just not willing to settle! I’ll be working on it over the next month, but in the meantime here’s some of my inspiration.

This set up is so simple & lovely with the Ikea desk & drawers. Those drawers are perfect for all of my little paper crafting supplies.

image via my scandinavian home blog

image via my scandinavian home blog

Probably anyone who’s searched for office space on pinterest has had this lovely one show up.  Again, I want to go with white, but I love how well curated all the shelving is!

image via bhg

image via bhg

This one is simply gorgeous. Love the wallpaper, the lighting, everything. With the way the ceiling is angled in our new house, I might be able to do something similar against the window…one day. (and that acrylic chair is from Ikea, by the way..)

via pinterest

via pinterest

And this white desk with all white/acrylic/gold is gorgeous. I can’t wait to have a real desk! (already have it, tracked exactly what I wanted down on craigslist & made my husband drive me to queens one day to get it…)

image via the every girl

image via the every girl

With those lovelies in mind, I created this mood board with Bazaart (have y’all checked it out yet?  Seriously, do it.)

image via Bazaart

image via Bazaart

I’ll post pics as my project continues!

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Recently in the studio…


I’ve been remiss in blogging recently. It’s just that we have this other little totally insignificant thing happening in our lives right now… We just bought a house! More to come on my new studio, but yesterday I wrapped up my last ever order from this current studio. It was a bittersweet moment. It’s been an awesome work space. We were SO lucky to have found this house to rent that had a little cottage for me to use. It got me out of the middle of our little manhattan apartment, & it got me out of the guest bedroom of our little house out by the beach. It gave me my very own space to leave as messy as I needed to in any given day (& thus not have the mess drive my husband absolutely insane!). Plus, it was nice to have a reason to go outside to walk the fifty feet a few times a day.  I’ll always have very fond memories of this house (our first in the burbs) & of this space in particular.  It’s given me the opportunity to grow the business to this point, & I’m just so excited to see how things continue in the future!  I’m also very excited about my new work space, but I thought it only appropriate to give this one its proper attention.

So.. For the last month I worked in this little yellow cottage, here’s what I was making.  From top left in as clockwise manner as i can make it:  personalized hand mirror (personalized upon special request only), airplane frame in custom colors, custom outdoor plaque for a tennis court (might add to the etsy shop at some point, right now only upon custom order), personalized fish hooks, two standing name plaques (coming to the etsy shop soon), for this child plaque, a billion anchors for a custom anchor frame, star hooks, extra large letter hooks (coming soon!), a new sports kids picture frame, a new striped kids picture frame, that anchor frame (with lettering in a custom font–another feature i’ll be rolling out in the shop soon), & another fish hook.

And, that’s a wrap on this week/month in this studio.  Have a great weekend, everyone!

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This week in the studio 5/10/13

20130510-201151.jpgclockwise from top:  NEW dean surfboard frame (will be in the shop soon!), butterfly frame, NEW luke march of the dinosaurs frame (will also be in the shop soon!), golden doodle frame, flower frame, custom three photo frame, polka dot fish hooks (polka dot version in the shop soon), & some of the cards i made for MASSI’s Mother’s Day promo.

*btw, i’ve had people ask me if i’m only making wooden items now.  the short answer is no, i just don’t include a pic every time i make one of the cards i have listed in my shop.  the longer answer just really isn’t all that interesting.  :)  have a great weekend!  xo, o & o.


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MASSI & oscar&ollie Mother’s Day promo

i teamed up with Giando Massi for a special Mother’s Day promotion.  You have until May 10 to order the Druzy necklace at an amazing price & possibly win one of twenty of my handmade cards!!551314_338540549602165_59617127_n

more info here:

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“i’m southern, we monogram everything!”

I’ve had a few special requests for monograms recently. I love doing the letters, so I thought I’d try them out to see how it went. (Luckily my sister was the one who really wanted one & was thus the guinea pig for my new project.). I think it turned out pretty awesome! If you’re interested in ordering, please email me! ( I have tons of fonts & sizes available–from small to ginormous (which my iPad just tried to change to all sorts of other words but I held firm with my choice.). If you’re interested in one for outside, please be sure to specify as it needs to be a different wood. Super cute for a child’s room, a college student’s dorm room, a newly married couple, everyone!  As I told a friend a few months ago, I’m southern, we monogram everything!


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a few weeks in the studio… 4/15/2013


not exactly sure what happened, thought i had posted this one a few weeks ago.  sort of clockwise from top right:  personalized step stool in new boy colors (not yet added to the etsy listing, so let me know if you’re interested!),  some new assorted hooks, wooden letters in a small size, a new personalized peg rack (available by special order only, i’m not adding it to the etsy shop!), larger wooden letters, personalized star hooks, personalized mirror (now available in four sizes!), zebra hooks in new colors, personalized butterfly hooks, personalized peg rack, bird frame, & a brand new monogram (details to come in another post!)

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This month in the studio….


i’ve had a bit of a hard time getting back to work full time this month, but here are a few pics from the studio the past few weeks…

top row left to right: new standing name signs i’ll be adding to the etsy shop soon, flower frame, custom flower hooks. second row: fiesta birthday invitations, another name sign, peg rack, new extra large wooden letters (will be in the etsy shop soon). last row: hanging letters, personalized nail covers, another XL letter.

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it’s the most horrible time of the year…

imagepeople often ask me what it’s like to run my own business/work for myself.  depending on who’s asking/what kind of week i’ve had/how many orders i have backed up, i may say how great it is to work from home, wear my sweats to work, have the TV on all day, set my own hours, take vacations when i want to instead of when i’ve had them approved.  (and look, there are a whole lot of other things that really do make it awesome to work for myself.)  but i’m probably likely to then add “but…”  which leads me to talk about the things that i also dislike–doing it ALL by myself (other than jose, our incredible mailman who picks up packages from me every day, waits when i haven’t quite finished printing that last shipping label, & goes out of his way to make sure i never have to actually go to the post office again) and well, oscar, of course.  those of you who run your own businesses know the deal–you do all of the purchasing, inventory management, packing & shipping, advertising, website management, etc. etc.  and while some of those tasks aren’t my absolute favorite, they pale in comparison to the two tasks i truly abhor.  one is something i have to do almost every day–sanding.  it would be hard for me to sell wooden items without ever having to sand anything, but i sincerely wish i never had to pick up a piece of sand paper again.  the other one, though, is end of year accounting/tax prep.   like every other small business, i have a running list of what the mystical imaginary employee i can’t quite afford to hire but can’t continue to grow the business without would do.  keeping track of/organizing expenses would be the absolute first item on that list.  it’s something i should do every month–sort the receipts & categorize the expenses into Outright (which i recommend highly if you’re a small business for keeping track of expenses!)  then i could print out these nice little reports at the end of the year & put them into the lovely excel spreadsheet my CFO (aka my husband) developed a few years ago.  then it really would be sooo easy to send all the info off to the accountant.  but i hate it so very much that instead i leave it until the end of the year.  those receipts sit in file folders on my desk all year just taunting me.  until finally i have no choice in the matter, i have to do it.  which begins a several day long process of looking at hundreds of receipts, highlighting, categorizing, calculating…BLEEEECCHHHH.

so…that’s what i’ll be doing every night for the next week or so. (but don’t worry, there’s a glass of wine nearby :)

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jonathan adler & etsy pin to win sweepstakes


are you on pinterest? (no?! eee gads, why not?) following etsy? (again, why not? they pin some amazing finds you might never come upon yourself.)

here’s your opportunity to win a $1000 Etsy gift card plus Jonathan Adler’s book. and all you have to do is repin five pins from Etsy’s Get Chic! board.

just think of all the early christmas gifts you could get. or birthday presents. or, let’s be honest, goodies for yourself!

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snowpocalypse 2K13…and then this happened..

imagethursday evening i sat down & composed quite the long post about storm preparedness in anticipation of friday’s blizzard. if i do say so myself, it was a lovely walk down memory lane of how cynical we as new yorkers were when we heard there was a big storm coming–we took for granted that even with three feet of snow we’d still have power, the corner deli would still have egg & cheese sandwiches, the Chinese place would still deliver, & most importantly the liquor store would still be open.  we might get a day off work because HR insisted it wasn’t safe for the commuters, meanwhile we’d still jump on the subway & get downtown to a friend’s birthday dinner. & then i talked about how all that changed when we moved to the burbs–we came to find that really it only took a heavy wind, or sometimes just a hot day, for our power to go out, & we can’t get out of our driveway until the snow plows come. so i prepared for the big snow storm two ways. the realistic side of me made sure we had gas in the car, charged all the devices, & got food for the weekend (human & canine.) but the romantic side of me was really hoping for a weekend stuck inside our house watching the snow falling quietly outside. so i bought a few bottles of wine, made sure we had lots of cheese, crackers, & proscuitto, & made sure we had enough firewood for some cozy time on the couch.

turns out that’s what we would have gotten. & it would have been a great weekend. if only life didn’t have other realistic plans… instead, i got to spend friday afternoon/evening/night in the greenwich ER/operating room/ICU with appendicitis. someone said to me yesterday “congratulations! you’ve had your first surgery.” i’m not sure it’s an honor i really wanted, but as another friend said “who needs an appendix anyway.”

so no this week in the studio from me. & if you’ve ordered something, please know that i will get to work on it just as soon as i’m done sitting on the couch in my pjs & eating sorbet all day.

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